GarageSoft - The Benchmark in Workshop Management

GarageSoft integrates the entire operations of the garage workshop business into one system. It has been designed to optimize workshop capacity by simplifying how the technicians, skills, repair and service types and vehicle loan resources are allocated. The system provides real-time visibility and control of all repair activities. Close monitoring of workshop activity can have a positive effect on both revenue generation and profitability.

The solution integrates routine functions such as vehicle check-in and out, maintenance history and invoice generation with more complex activities like managing estimates and dealing with insurance claims. The system is based on the time-efficient idea of entering data only once, but using it in a multitude of ways in a variety of places. This will allow you to benefit from a better flow of information within your company and improve internal organization.

Value Propositions

GarageSoft is delivered through four core value propositions:

  • Maximizing workshop capacity & efficiency.

  • Effective control of technician's time.

  • Comprehensive job reporting.