ContaSoft is a fully integrated Business Solution specifically designed for Contracting Companies which would help them get a 'Project based' view on their business. ContraSoft would ensure ffectiveness on operations and people with high competitive edge in the industry. It is designed in such a way so as to easily monitor each and every activity in each project in terms of cost, budgeting, revenue etc. It also provides easy, accurate and timely retrieval of files and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly functions.


  • Raw Material Purchase and stock management

  • Manage Raw Material Issue based on Projects

  • Project based Budgeting and Budget analysis reports

  • Project based Cashflow analysis reports

  • Actual cost and projected cost anlysis Report

  • Account Receivable and Payable age analysis

  • Credit Note and Debit Note

  • General Ledger

  • Account Receavable and Accounts Payable consolidated Report

  • Trail Balance (consolidated and Detailed)


  • Balance sheet

  • Trading, Profit / Loss Accounts

  • Generate Project based Time sheet and Payroll

  • Allocation and reallocation of employees to the projects

  • Electronic document handling

  • Payslips and Salary statement

  • Automated alerts for Passport and Resident Permit expiry

  • Reports and document printing

  • Tracks history of employee like Medical and Annual Leaves

  • Easy process of employee leave and final settlement