When it comes to managing transportation equipment and associated fleet assets, visibility is the key – after all, if you don't know that a problem exists, how can you expect to deal with it? Relying upon disjointed spreadsheets creates a difficult working environment and runs the risk of other important data falling through the cracks.

FleetSoft is a fleet management system that delivers exceptional supervision and control of the entire fleet management operation. It provides the independent and accurate information needed to improve all-round operational performance. The system is comprehensive and scalable, offering a solution for all sizes of fleet operations, from car rental companies to corporations with large fleets. With a system matched to your processes, you'll gain maximum return on investment and get one step closer to reaching your fleet management goals.

Value Propositions

FleetSoft is delivered through three core value propositions:

  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Delivering best practice driver experience.

  • Optimizing the entire process for transparency and control.